CONTESTS are global competitions open to all users. The top 10 submissions will be voted on by the community to determine winners and placings (2nd, 3rd etc.)

All participants in contests earn fans, regardless if they place in the final top 10.



WAR is a team vs team contest mode designed to connect producers into a team, collaborate and go head to head with the competing team.Teams release their final project and the community votes on the winning team.

In progress means both teams are still preparing their project. In Trial is the period where the community votes and closed is when the contest is over and the winner is announced.


CHALLENGES are tasks that you can complete for fans and AP. This single-player style mode is great for practicing for contests. The countdowns are shorter, and the tasks can be tricky.

Upon submission of your challenge, you will be notified if you passed the challenge, and promptly rewarded.


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