By Brandon Powel


Audular is a revolutionary app that delivers the tools, royalty free samples and plugins straight to music artist.

Miami, FL – July 2017 – Audular, a ‘one stop shop’ app that features a store and contest platform on the computers of music artists. A team of three

The purpose is to eliminate the hassle of going website to website, company to company to look for sounds and tools, and instead bring it all to their desktop or laptop as an app. The app has full fledged shop, packed with the most reputable and high quality vendors in the industry, as well as the ‘Record Label-style’ contest platform (Mainframe) that enables the artists to compete with their music and build their way up to the maximum rank, in which they will have their music published to Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify (Possibly Playlists), Amazon Music and more. 

We want to bring it all to their fingertips and crush any hassle or speedbumps they may face. The tools and sounds they’ll need, and the direct path to having their music signed and published.

App Features: The app features a direct download system that saves the sample packs, VSTs and other downloadable products right onto their computer (rather downloading through a browser and dragging it to their computer). Future versions of Audular will have features such as: Installing Samples, Presets and VSTs directly into the artists DAW. Meaning the Purchase – Download process would be entirely hands off.

The ‘Cloud’ Library stores all sample packs, VSTs, Presets etc on their account. Meaning the products they purchase will remain theirs and in their library available for download indefinitely. The artists can log into the app or website at any time and access the products he or she has purchased.

Social Features, tied into the Mainframe enable artists to add friends, join producer groups, collab, share music, hire each other, blog/vlog and private message.

I noticed the companies in the industry have moved towards a more “wallet filler” way, so we decided to go in the opposite direction and focus on the producers success, and inconveniences they may have on their journey. We hope to help as many producers/artists reach their goals as we can – Reese Spector, Founder & CEO

Surveys & Reactions: Audular has surveyed over 1,000 music artists and their reactions to our platform and ambitions. We received only 8 negative responses out of all surveyed. We’ve received compliments from artists like Max Cartoux, Producer Loops and other artists/users saying word for word “Audular is the future, and what the music industry needs”.  

Audular’s current version is V2.3, in the latest update we enabled the cloud library and the Free Plugin Library. The next version V2.3.1 will feature the full release of the Mainframe “Record Label” platform.

– Brandon Powell